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The pizzeria refrigerated counter is the absolute protagonist of the technical furnishings of these catering activities, therefore it is essential to opt for a high-performance and quality model that is suitable for the spaces and operational needs of pizza makers. The pizzeria refrigerated counter is in fact the piece of furniture on which the pizzas are manually made before being baked, which is why its relevance is so crucial. The refrigerated part of this professional piece of furniture is the upper one, that is the one in which all the ingredients that the employees will have to use for the preparation of the pizzas are placed. The fact that the various ingredients are placed in a transparent refrigerated compartment, therefore absolutely visible even for customers on the opposite side of the counter, is undoubtedly a positive aspect that is perceived as an index of cleanliness and quality of the raw material. .

Another very important element of the pizzeria fridge counter corresponds to the work surface, that is the surface on which the pizza chefs work the dough and add the ingredients before proceeding with cooking. The worktop is rigorously placed at an ergonomic height and must be made of materials suitable for direct contact with the flour and with all the other ingredients used for these processes: granite can be, from this point of view, an excellent example.

Parallel to what has been said for the worktop, the materials that often recur in the construction of refrigerated counters for pizzerias are stainless steel, a metal that has very valid technical characteristics and which, not surprisingly, is widely used for the production of furniture. professional for kitchen, and the glass that "wraps" the upper ingredient holder. The lower part of the refrigerated cabinet, it is useful to remember, can also be enriched with drawers, compartments and other spaces in which to store everything that may be useful to always have at hand in a context of this type. Silver Italia offers you only high quality refrigerated counters and meticulously designed in every small detail: immediately choose the model with the most suitable dimensions for your place.