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The professional pizza oven is, together with the refrigerated counter with worktop, a fundamental element for the pizzeria business, without which it would be completely impossible to operate. The pizza oven is precisely the device in which freshly processed pizzas are cooked by the expert hands of pizza makers and it is necessary that it is able to guarantee homogeneous and quality cooking without neglecting efficiency, a factor of undisputed importance in activities that, in times of greater operativeness, they are called upon to produce hundreds of pizzas in a short time.

Traditionally, a wood-burning oven was used for cooking pizza, which however has numerous "cons": this oven is in fact very cumbersome and to build it it is necessary to carry out a real building work, with all that it entails in terms of costs and construction time. Even at the management level, the wood-fired oven has multiple limitations: finding and managing this type of fuel is anything but simple and even cleaning these ovens is rather problematic. Precisely for these reasons today we are turning to much more "smart" ovens such as electric ones, ovens that do not have to be "built" but simply placed in the kitchen and connected to an electrical outlet. Precisely for this reason, therefore, when today we talk about a professional pizza oven we almost always refer to an electric model, an efficient and very easy to use device.

The professional pizza oven can be chosen in many different variants: a fundamental parameter is certainly the capacity, therefore the number of pizzas that can be cooked at the same time, no less important are the functions and energy efficiency, which can certainly guarantee , even in the short term, an economic saving that is anything but negligible. In this section Silver Italia offers you several models that share high technical and technological quality: discover the proposals immediately and identify the one that best suits your needs.