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Pizza rollers and dough sheetersThere is 1 product.

The pizza dough sheeter is essential for small and medium production piadineria , pastry or bakery activities, although there are models designed for domestic use. Its function consists in giving shape to sheets of pasta of constant thickness.

The pizza dough sheeter is of immediate use thanks to the simplicity of the controls it presents: in most cases, in fact, it is necessary to set only the thickness of the dough you want to make.

The pizza thus obtained, ready to be stuffed and put in the oven, is smoother , while the uniform thickness of the dough determines a homogeneous cooking which makes the pizza tastier and more digestible.

The width of the sheet, determined by the rollers, varies from a little from thirty to about fifty centimeters, making the dough sheeter, in fact, a very versatile tool.

The professional dough sheeter allows to obtain thin sheets, ideal for the production of fresh pasta and piade, and higher bases, perfect for sliced pizzas and focaccia. The thickness adjustment ranges from zero to about fifteen millimeters .

This variety allows easy processing not only of pizza, but also of any type of pastry, commonly used in pastry shops and pasta factories. The pizza dough sheeter is able to work all types of dough, from the traditional one to alternative formulas. This allows you to bake wholemeal, cereal, gluten-free or stone-ground flour pizzas, without limits.

The rollers and the relative protections , like any other component of the machine, are designed to facilitate cleaning operations and to ensure the safety of the operators. The double roller models, in addition to managing a double passage of the dough, allow greater control of the thickness, thus avoiding possible overloading of the machine.

The stainless steel used for the construction of the entire machine body makes the dough sheeter hygienic, resistant to wear for years and very easy to clean after use.